January 14, 2009

Everyone, Tell Your Bush Story

So imagine your old college drinking buddy, the First Daughter, has invited you over to her place for dinner and a movie. With, you know, her folks. Imagine that as you roll into the Secrete Service checkpoint you realize that you still have half a joint in the ashtray and the duct tape holding your rear window on decides to let go ...

So begins a pretty damn good close encounter with the President story. If you have any such story, now is the time to tell it. They are going to be less valuable in less than a week (Yea!) and we need all the insight into who this man was and what went so terribly wrong.

1 comment:

JollyRoger said...

He was born wrong, and never did a thing in his life that somebody else didn't have to fix.

That's pretty much it. There is no mystery. He's a total failure, and he always has been.