January 19, 2009

Reflections on a Failed Presidency

Tomorrow we can put it all behind us, but right now I want to take a minute to reflect back on the President we have had for the last eight long years:

Oh man, that sucked.

President George W. Bush failed in every way a President can fail. He has failed to inspire. He has failed to lead. He has made a whole host of decisions that has left this Nation and this world worse off than before. He led this Country into disaster after disaster. He has bogged our nation down into two wars, and set the stage for more. He has lied, repeatedly, to the American People about the most fundamental facts of war and peace. He has failed to protect the American people, both from our foes abroad and wraith of nature herself. He has proven, again and again, to be feckless, mean and stupid. In the course of his Presidency, we have lost trillions of dollars in wealth, thousands of lives both military and civilian and the respect of the world. In the last eight years the tallest buildings of our Country have been destroyed, one of our great cities was drowned. We now torture people. The American people are less well off and less safe thank to George W. Bush.

He is a bad President, and this nation and this world will be better when he no longer holds that office.

The blame for this failure can be spread around some. It's the fault of the Republicans for nominating him, the fault of the Democrats for not beating him. The media failed to show us the truth about him till it was much too late. The American people failed by electing and reelecting him. We shouldn't be afraid to say that. It is right that the people choose our leaders, but the people do not always choose right. The people are not infallible. We should admit that We the People got it wrong. We picked the wrong man to lead us. We should remember was this feels like, what this looks like, so that it may not happen again.

But in the end the full measure of blame lies with the man himself. George W. Bush was entrusted with the greatest power this World has to offer and he took that power and failed in every way possible.

So let him go, and let his memory only serve as a warning to those who come later, so that we will never see his kind in power again.

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