January 6, 2009

For Real

The downturn continues to expose the crooks and the scammers. But more than that, this economy will show us who really knows what they are doing. Anybody could make money in real estate in the middle of a massive real estate bubble. But the real estate agent who's still doing good in this market, that's the agent you want. Anybody with an E-Trade account and two brain cells could make money when the stock market is booming. But show me the guy who's making money in the market right now and that's somebody who deserves a big year-end bonus.

And what if no one is making money right now? What if you can't beat the market and can't beat the recession and can't beat the system? Then maybe its not about dog eat dog and personal achievement and everybody for themselves as much as we are told. Maybe we are really all in this together and maybe we should start acting like it.

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