January 20, 2009


Today is a good day.

How will you mark it?

Myself, I'm going to do a little dance around 12:00 noon eastern time (9:00 local)

How are you guys celebrating?


Krissi said...

My co-workers and I watched it streaming live on CBS.com. It was all sorts of cozy. And tonight there's a street party to celebrate!

Archaeogoddess said...

I watched it live via CNN (on tv) flipping back and forth with BBC whenever Wolf got to be too annoying. I also toasted speeches and musical acts with whiskey. Hey, it's a lot later where I am, some celebratory drinking is fine after 5 pm!

jess said...

I took the morning off and attended an inauguration party. Complete with breakfast, mimosas, and lots of cheering and toasting.