March 4, 2010

Local Angle

Republican lawmakers who loudly attack gays while have lots of gay sex themselves is nothing new. But this latest case happened in my neighborhood. State Senator Roy Ashburn got pulled over at 2 am 13th and L Streets. Drunk, and coming out of a gay bar with an "unidentified" male passenger.

That's only a dozen blocks from my place. He was coming out of Faces. I've been there. Right there in my neighborhood. I though this sort of thing was reserved for certain Washington DC bars and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport bathroom. But we get this action right here in my city.

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Laura said...

You know, when something like this happens, I always wonder if they're trying to out themselves. I mean, it's one thing to be a gay hating closet case...quite another to go out to your local gay bar, get drunk and pick up some random guy. I mean, Faces is dark, but hardly anonymous, and as you say, it's right downtown...not the smartest move if you genuinely want to stay closeted.