March 4, 2010

Not How it Works

Government by democracy is government of consensus. We hold elections and all agree to be bound by the result. We don't get to opt out if we don't like the result. Even if we elect an idiot boy-king or a b-movie actor or a black guy, we acknowledge the authority of those who are elected.

There is an increasing strain of though among the right that simple refuses to acknowledge that any win by the left is legitimate. This is where the birthers come from, the new militias and a big element of the tea party folks. Birthers dismiss a legitimate election through wild conspiracy theory. Militias are an attempt to create a means to violence outside the elected order. The FBI and Army report to Obama. He has that right as conferd to him by the voters of the United States. So the right-wing is attempting to create a military outside that constitutional order. This is not how it works. If the right doesn't suck it up and accept an election loss, why will the left? And if half the country will never consent to be ruled by the other half, how does the nation survive?

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