March 23, 2010

Obama and the Long Haul

This is how the Obama Era is going to work. Long hauls and wins in the end. Obama won the longest contested primary in history in 2008. He won a long grind of a general election later that year. He just won passage of the biggest piece of domestic legislation in two generations, after the longest public debate that anyone alive can remember. This is how Obama works. More than any politician I've seen, Obama is focused on the long-term. Most people live their lives day-to-day and most politics works the same way. Win the news cycle. Win the week. Obama is about winning the year. Winning the era. Which makes for some fairly disheartening day-to-days. Obama doesn't win the news cycle. Which at the time, feels terrible. A bad day feels bad. But politics doesn't work on points. You don't add up all the news cycles and whoever got the most, wins. Wins are bigger than that. Election Day. Legislation getting signed. That's where Obama puts his focus and that's where he wins.

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