March 2, 2010

Test Case

So the news from the world of political blogging is that Mickey Kaus is going to try and mount a primary challenge to Barbara Boxer for California's Senate seat.

Kaus is a rather strange case. He has one of the very first political blogs, so he has a certain blogging street creed. But his program is a strange one. Despite his loud claims to be a Democrat, he seems to oppose much of their agenda. He hates labor unions with the fire of a thousand suns. He's a hard-liner on immigration. He spent the entire 2004 election cycle hating John Kerry, only to claim that he voted for him in the end. All of this makes for interesting posting and drives liberals nuts, but I doubt that it will compel anyone to vote for him. Is there any California Democrat thinking to themselves, "If only my party was harder on labor unions and Latinos." Such people have a name, and they are called Republicans. By calling himself a Democrat, Kaus is different and interesting. Wow, a Democrat who hates unions! How intellectually stimulating. As a candidate, he's in the wrong place.

Call it an electoral test of being contrarian. My guess is that it fails miserably.

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