February 1, 2007

The Age of Freak Out

So the Cartoon Network put these outdoor blinking electronic things that throw an image up on a wall in ten cities. They are up to promote Aqua Teen Hunger Force which I can only assume is some kind of Emmy-winning show.

The City of Boston has proceeded to freak out in a most undignified manner, egged on by the media.

Now the Mayor is talking about throwing the book at the artist behind the ads.

Xoverboard has the appropriate answer.

Look, we live not in the Age of Terror but the Age of the Freak Out. Terror comes from something real. You Freak Out over nothing. We are hurting ourselves with our overblown, misplaced fear. Its a fear that brings cities to a crashing halt, makes us adopt ridiculous rules for carry-on luggage and leads us into useless wars.

Stay calm and we win. Freak out and they win.


larry said...

Osama been laughing.

Erin said...

He's not the only one.