February 13, 2007

Doing the Deal

Looks like we just did a deal with North Korea on nukes. Basically we just bribed the crap of this poor, dangerous little County for them to stop their nuclear program. Which is all we could do. For six years the Bush administration acted tough and a little crazy in an effort to stare down NK on the nuke issue. But North Korea had the advantage of being actually crazy, so that was never going to work. North Korea starves its own people rather than open up to the world and war with North Korea is such a bad idea even Bush knows it.

So in the end Bush did what Clinton did: pay North Korea off. Only now North Korea has built nuclear weapons. Good job guys.

Go see Lawyers Guns and Money for more.


larry said...

You will hear this more and more as a big diplomatic victory for the Bush administration. As LGM notes, it really shows how their basic philosophy is a total failure, but don't expect such subtleties to get in the way of self-promotion.

larry said...

See this.