February 5, 2007

Game Off

Ok, for a moment there I thought the game was going to be more interesting than the commercials. Touchdown runback on the opening kickoff, about 13 fumbles in the first quarter alone, and then...The Colts got ahead and stayed ahead. Hmmmmm.

I found the commercials rather uninspiring as well. The Robert Goule/mixed nuts thing was funny/surreal, as was the anti-Grand Theft Auto ad from Coke. I was looking for the just plan funny. Dorito's effort came close, but there was just no "bingo" moment for me.

The VoteVets ad sure had some punch, though.

Oh, and I'm with Sacha Zimmerman in calling the GM fired and suicidal robot ad amazingly bad. Disturbing just on its own. Tragically bad when you know that GM layed off 30,000 people this year. What exactly is GM trying to say here? We fire our workers and drive them to suicide, all in our effort to bring you a good car?

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Erin said...

That GM commercial is TERRIBLE! Since when is suicide an appropriate gimmick for selling anything? Yeah, so it's a suicidal robot, but come on! What is GM trying to say? "We are such a friendly corporation we'll even fire our ROBOTS!"

Maybe the commercial was actually put out by Ford...