February 22, 2007


Look the right-wing can try and put together all the bs polls they want to try and make the Iraq war look less unpopular than it actually is.

But we just had an election where the GOP took it on the chin. That is proof positive that not only is war unpopular, but that unpopularity is having a drastic impact on the electoral fortunes of the President's political party. Every cycle we have a bunch of polls that say a lot of stuff and then the election tells us what is really going on. And what's really going on is that Iraq is killing the GOP.

So if we remain in Iraq and condition do not improve, the GOP is going to be crushed in 2008. You don't need polls to determine that result. Just look at how people actually voted.

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larry said...

Craigster, you haven't learned....

It doesn't matter how people actually voted. It matters who counts the votes and how they are assembled.

We all know how people voted in 2000, but since Ralph Nader counted the votes and declared Bush to be president, look where we are today.

And letting Bob Ney count the Ohio votes in 2004 wasn't any better.

Then there's the little matter of the fact that the Democrat's huge majority in the Senate is the result of about 10,000 votes in Virginia and Montana. If a few more evangelicals had stopped praying long enough to vote, there would be two fewer D's in the Senate and two more R's.

And counting D's in the Senate still only comes to 49. (And one of them is still in no position to vote.) I'd say its an odds-on bet that Jumpin Joe pulls a Jeffords and bolts to the red side before the end of the year. He would get a hero's welcome, and what would better suit his ego than that?

So, as I've said before, don't count your ballots before they've been tampered with.