February 8, 2005

Babe = Hits

To the surprise of absolutely no one the GoDaddy.com Superbowl commercial featuring a hot babe in a shirt barely big enough to fit the Godaddy logo was a wild success:

The company had 140,000 visitors Feb. 6, compared to a normal Sunday rate of about 30,000.

On Monday, amid news reports that Fox, the Super Bowl broadcaster, had yanked a second planned commercial after National Football League officials complained, traffic rose more than 250 percent above normal levels. GoDaddy.com Typically gets 160,000 visitors on any given Monday. Yesterday it drew 590,000 visitors.

In other news, the Craigorian Chant public relations department is looking for a hot babe to wear a Craigorian Chant T-Shirt. The good news is that CraigorianChant.blogspot.com is much longer than GoDaddy.com so the shirt will be larger. The bad news is the Chant's public relations budget doesn't have the money for a T.V. spot. If we pass the hat around the office we might have enough for the T-Shirt.

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