February 28, 2005

Fun with Cheney

Found a fun little tidbit from Yglesias tonight:

Bush is going to start suffering from crippling case of lame duck syndrome very soon unless he can at least implicitly designate a successor. You can't keep your ducks in a row if the only thing the ducks no for sure is that you won't be leading the pack for very long. Things will only get worse if various White House aides start peeling off to go work for rival primary candidates. Bush needs a successor and, realistically, Cheney is the only viable option.

While I agree that Bush does need a successor, I couldn't dream of Dick Cheney getting the Republican nomination for President. The bottom line is personality. Bush gets away with all kinds of crap with the American people because he is likeable, sunny kind of guy. Dick Cheney is not likeable. Even the most blatant GOP spinner will never try to portray Cheney as having any kind of personality worth having. Trying to sell the Bush years in 2008 with a Cheney snarl and not a Bush grin will be a train wreck. Which hopefully means a "crippling case of lame duck syndrome" will be coming soon.

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curly said...

lame duck syndrome for Bush is wishful thinking; at this point the public isn't even interested in torture in its name