February 22, 2005

Let them eat pommes frites

President Bush's platitude-filled foreign policy adjustment towards Europe this week came with a plate of Texas-style diplomacy:

After the lobster risotto with truffle sauce and alongside the filet of beef with bordelaise sauce was a side dish of potatoes. Mr. Bush announced that they were "French fries," one participant said. No longer would thin slices of potatoes cooked in oil be "freedom fries."

May I just say "wow". Could it be that the NY Times has identified an event of the same level of significance and subtlety as Nixon's sending an official American Ping-Pong team to mainland China? Could it be that Mr. Bush's hamhanded words actually indicate a shift in American politics towards the Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys?

Or could it be that there was nothing substantial suggested with respect to policy changes in Bush's "warming of relations with Europe"? And instead they had to report on his dinner menu.

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