February 6, 2005

Things that make you go Wha?

Um, Yeah, Patriots? I never doubted you for a minute? Yeah, um, Boston? New England? Anyway, I kind of wonder what some of those ads were selling. What was MC Hammer selling anyway? I would like to say that I recently registered a domain with Godaddy.com and it was fast and easy. They were also one of the few to use breasts to try and sell themselves, which counts for courage in these troubled times. The funniest ad in my opinion is the "let me try and explain" scene with red sauce, a cat and a big knife. Burt Renolds getting kicked in the groin never gets old, but can anybody tell me what they were trying to sell?

1 comment:

curly said...

and then there was poor Paul McCartney. what was that all about? did he need the money?
and what about Michael Douglas? we thought we had the History Channel on by mistake. next time they should say: welcome to the Superbowl, brought to you by: the Pentagon