February 15, 2005

Era of Big Government

Over at NewDonkey I came across this brilliant point:

A big, fat federal government that tries to do too much is arguably a bad thing. But a big, fat federal government that fails to meet all the big national challenges, and hardly does anything well, is far, far worse. And the trajectory of Washington in the Age of Bush is the worst possibility of all: a big, fat government that hardly does anything other than paying off debt and serving the interests of the nation's wealthiest and most powerful citizens.

For all the Republican rhetoric about the size of government Bush has grown government massively in his term. But it is growth that doesn't get anything done. Please see the missile defense test in the last post. The whole Bush approach to government can be summed up in that damn missile test.


Chris said...

I was thinking about how disproportionate corporate welfare is. Using Haliburtan's $10,800,000,000 in war profits we could give $1,500 worth of job training to each of the 7.7 million persons who are currently unemployed. The Republican's fat cat cronies are the worst welfare queens of them all.

"End big government for fat cats" should be our rallying cry.

curly said...

NBC had a story on Tuesday about Custer Battles, a private company the US contracts with for "security services" in Iraq. But the employees, with no real training, are running amok, shooting up streets, cars and buildings. Much of what we are spending on is unknown until after the fact.