June 1, 2008

Girl Fight

Last night CBS put MMA on primetime TV for the first time. The Kimbo Slice thing I leave to others, but the best fight of the night belonged to the women. Gina Carano is what's next. Are you ready? This is the natural evolution of a world of Buffy, Tomb Raider, Xena and the like. You tell girls they can kick ass, show them movies where they kick ass, pretty soon, somebody is going to come along and do it for real. So. is this progress? Is the highly skillful application of violence something women should aspire to?

Beautiful Disaster indeed.

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Darcee said...

Abel teaches Gina's cousin. The family owns the El Dorado casino here in Reno. Gina is a Reno High grad and Crush on the new American Gladiators.