June 2, 2008

OMG an Election!

Ok, I've been caught embarrassingly flat footed by the fact that the California non-primary is happening Tuesday. Luckily for me there isn't a whole lot on the ballot, what with the Presidential race gone buy already. There are two ballot measures, which is pretty low for California. They must be slacking off.

Prop 98 and 99 are both "eminent domain" "reform" measures that came in response to the Kelo case. 98 is the same kind of crap we saw in previous elections, trying to outlaw a bunch of government regulations under the guise of eminent domain reform. The Chant recommends No.

If you really must vote for eminent domain reform go with prop 99. Its much more limited in scope, and unlikely to lead to the anarchy in the streets that 98 will bring us.

The other contest of note is local, as a pretty good brawl has broken out in the Sacramento mayor's race. Incumbent Heather Fargo against former NBA star turn local developer Kevin Johnson. I'm honestly undecided in this race, which is a pretty strange place for me to be in, personally. Fargo is less risk and less upside, unlikely to screw thing up, but also unlikely to do anything interesting or inspiring. Kevin Johnson has got himself drive and ambition for this city, but has the real potential of disaster if it turns out he really doesn't know what he's talking about. Sorry I can't offer any guidance with this race. What do you think?

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