June 12, 2008


Baby Mama

What's the over-under on when some Foxnewser calls Obama a n----r?

I'm putting my bet down on late September.

UPDATE: Closer. Closer every day.

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Laura said...

Wow...that's just nothing short of astounding. Although, after hearing about a conversation my girlfriend had yesterday with her cousin, I've gotta say, that if nothing else, this election will "out" all the closet racists you know. Jamie's cousin, a woman I actually kind of like(d?)said yesterday that there was no way in hell she was voting for a n****r. I was just completely flabbergasted.

Oh, and on a separate note, as a complete hijack...If the marriage ban passes in November, I will quit speaking to anyone who voted for it or chose not to vote. I'm thinking about adding to that ultimatum that I'm going to quit speaking to anyone who can't see past the color of someone's skin to try and get us out of the mess we're in.