June 2, 2008

Most Important Mission

Space Shuttle Discovery is at the International Space Station;

Discovery carried Japan's prized Kibo lab, a 37-foot-long, 16-ton scientific workshop. The seven shuttle astronauts and three station residents will combine forces to install the bus-size lab on Tuesday.

The shuttle crew also brought a spare toilet pump for the orbiting outpost. The space station's Russian-built toilet broke nearly two weeks ago -- forcing the crew to perform manual flushes with extra water several times a day -- and engineers hope the new pump will take care of the problem.

Japanese Laboratory module: 1 Billion Dollars
Working toilet: Priceless.

Seriously, how much does a thing-a-ma-bob cost anyway. And how highly trained, educated and skilled is the astronaut that is currently works as a glorious plumber?

At least its a space toilet. Everything is

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