June 17, 2008

Not Alex

I love this ad:

I saw a few blowhards, Pat Buchanan and Bill-O, laugh this one off, but drafting little Alex is the logical conclusion of John McCain's policies, John McCain wants to stay in Iraq forever, or at least the 17 and 3/4ths years it will take little Alex to reach draft age. McCain also want to go to war with Iran. He has policies that will like result in a shooting war on the Korean peninsula. He wants to ratchet up tensions with Russia and China. We simple do not have the manpower to fight four shooting wars and resume two more cold wars. Not to mention the fact that even if we "beat" Iran and North Korea, the inevitable result would be two more expensive, manpower intensive occupations. Occupations that would go on forever/ 17 and 3/4ths years, just like Iraq. Iraq alone is straining the volenteer army to the breaking point. So yes. John McCain wants little Alex.

And no, he can't him.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Hey!! When you share something guaranteed to rip a mother's heart out...a little warning would be nice.

And I agree with the sentiment competely.