June 4, 2008

John McCain is Bad at This

How did this happen? Giving speeches is what Presidents and Presidential candidates do. Its what they do. They give large numbers of speeches to a wide variety of audiences in a wide variety of places and then the voting happens. John McCain has held elected office for decades. He has run for President twice and the second time, defeated a crowded field to become his parties nominee. And he can't give a speech. He can't read a teleprompter. He can deliver an applause line so that people applaud. He's so bad Fox News calls him bad. John McCain is is bad at running for President. How did this happen?


Laura said...

Well, the current president can't deliver a speech, either. At least McCain can pronounce nuclear.

The Craig said...

But Bush can give a speech. Give him a teleprompter and a crack staff of speech writers and he can do some good work. All the major Bushisms come when he doesn't have a script. McCain is bad giving a prepared speech. That's something different.