June 29, 2008


Should gone to the one with the cute robots. Wanted is utterly depraved, brilliant crap. Timur Bekmambetov, The young Russia director behind Nightwatch, previously noted on this blog, is a genius for blowing your fraking mind. There are at least 10 images in this movie that are nothing I've seen before and will dream about tonight. Too bad these images lie in the mist of crazy depraved weirdness. I could write a whole thesis on this movie and the masculine impotence of the modern American male. Our hero is a such a beat down emasculated chump, I'm surprised his fat, cruel female boss doesn't reach down his pants and steal his penis away right there on screen. But then he learns how to kill, "grows a pair," and proceeds to put that knowledge into practice. Money, self-confidence, and snogging Angelina Jolie all follow. That's killing = manhood for those of you keeping track at home. As Christopher Orr says "I've watched a movie that, while fiercely entertaining, made me fear for the emotional health of my gender."

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ccb said...

The Pixar movie with the robots was pretty terrible too. Although the graphics were good the plot was heavy-handed and dragged on and on. There was little of the normal humor of a Pixar film, just some slapstick (since there was very little dialog in the movie) and one 2001 reference. All in all I'd say skip it.