September 11, 2008

Jump the Pig

I keep hoping that one day, a Republican attack will be so stupid and disingenuous, that they will forever be labeled stupid and disingenuous. Could "lipstick on a pig" be that attack? One can only hope.


Laura said...

So, the choice of Palin for the GOP ticket made little sense to me until today. Yes, she's a woman and they're definitely pandering, but what she really has that other, more qualified Republican women don't, is a 19 year old son heading off to war. I guess this is their answer to mentions that top GOP lawmakers aren't sending their sons and daughters to fight in this crappy war.

Archaeogoddess said...

Over here in Denmark, where Obama worship is at an all time high... Danes are convinced Obama called Palin a pig. They think it's great (Danish humor is WEIRD) but still, it shows that this Republican attack will not be the tipping point. (Besides which, if the swift-boat incident wasn't enough for some people, nothing ever will be.)