September 5, 2008

Weak Game

McCain just isn't the speaking type. He can chat, banter, and smooze but the man can't give a speech. He has no rhythm, no flow. He talks over applause, he hits sentences on the wrong word. The put a green screen behind him again. Oh, and it turns out he was a POW in Vietnam.

One line stands out for me. McCain declared he was "blessed by misfortune." He thinks that the five years of being a POW was a blessing. It proved his character. It gave him a sense of self-worth. It made him a patriot. It certainly made his political career. But I fear what that would mean for his Presidency. McCain deep down doesn't believe the misfortune of war is bad. He thinks its a blessing. A chance for him and his nation to prove themselves. To show character. To be true patriots at last. McCain will bring us new wars, so that we can all be "blessed by misfortune"

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