September 1, 2008

No Vet, No Net.

Levee watching is the new national sport, but might as well do politics while we wait.

Sarah Palin was an impulse buy by John McCain. The McCain camp spent lots of time and effort on other potential VP picks, and McCain just went with his gut for someone they didn't bother to check out. Which is very dramatic, but leads to ...well...drama. Its pretty clear the McCain camp didn't vet Palin at all. Which means they get to learn about her the same time the rest of us do. Today we learned all kinds of fun facts.

First up her 17-year old daughter is pregnant. Umm.

Next - Palin is getting deposed over the firing of a State trooper and has has lawyered up.

Finally - She has ties to a nutty Alaska Independence Party which want...well...Alaskan independence.

This is all in the first 72 hours. Over a long weekend. What's going to come out in the course of a regular business day?


Darcee said...

I'm actually kind of excited for the news on the pregnant daughter. I now have a great idea for a Holloween costume.

jess said...

Don't forget about her husband's DUI