September 4, 2008

Palin Speaks

Oh, so two decades of hating Hillary Clinton later, suddenly the GOP loves mouthy broads? Palin can give a speech, regardless of all her other problems. The kind of speech she gave was interesting. Sarcastic, cutting, petty and mean. I take back what I said about Biden having to go easy on the girl. You go ahead and shred her, Joe. Now I'm not qualified to say how effective the speech was. Of course its going to annoy the hell out of me. But what does it do to a swing voter? Is it really the official taking point of the Republican Party that community organizing is a worthless thing?

Oh and the speech was full of lies. Palin was a big backer of the bridge to nowhere. Her lie about this form the entire core rational of her candidacy. She is all lies! Lies!

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Laura said...

My parents and my aunt and uncle are the only "swing" voters I know. They fear Obama because he's young and black and advocates "raising taxes" but don't understand that McCain will do the same thing, just in a different way and then lie about it. They love McCain, but worry about his age.

Palin, like Hilary Clinton, scares the crap out of them. Something about "strong women" frightens them. I'm not sure why. However, they haven't decided if the odds of McCain dying in office and therefore letting this nutjob run the country are high enough to influence their votes. I just keep hoping that something will happen to encourage them to vote for Obama, but I don't have a lot of hope at this point.

Oh and all the comparisons between Hilary and Palin are irritating to say the least. Yes, Hilary is a "mouthy broad," but what she says is intelligent, and important. Palin, on the other hand, is a screeching, hysterical propagandist. This isn't even comparing apples and oranges. Likening Palin to Clinton in any way is disgusting.