September 27, 2008

Two Men Enter, Two Men Leave

Nothing decisive last night. Things stayed pretty civil, considering the schoolyard pettiness that's been going on the last few weeks. Each side got their shots in. McCain needs to show his work. He keeps saying how Obama doesn't know anything and how he does, but he doesn't demonstrate why that's true. I can go around claiming I'm funny, but till I tell a joke, its just talk. Cutting earmarks won't actually solve any of our economic problems. Lots of people noted how pissed McCain is. Its like he's constantly on the verge of blowing his top, just cause he had to do the debate at all.

Obama won all the post-debate insta-polls, so that's something.

Palin-Biden up next. Biden was everywhere last night, doing the post-debate spin with happy-warrior enthusiasm on all the networks. Palin was...nowhere. Their debate should be worth watching.

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