September 13, 2008

Morning Inspiration

Worried about polls? Try this:

If you need something more high-minded here's "Les Misbarack" its, well, um:

Feel better? I know I do.

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Tyler said...

Seriously though....McCain is kicking the shit out of Obama. Man, the Republicans know how to run a campaign! 80-85% of people think the country is going in the wrong direction, Bush has record low approval ratings and is one of the worst Presidents in our nation's history and Obama is behind in the polls and we have 7 weeks til the election. Seven weeks!! Have the Democrates ever had a better look? All McCain had to do was pick a white trash religious freak who doesn't know anything about foriegn policy for VP.

Obama should be worried, very worried.

Why are the Democrats such bitches. It's time to drop the hammer! There's so much material to use.

For god's sake it's about winning, nothing else matters, cut their throats out already, Obama!