March 19, 2009

Brand Fail

Oh corporate, how you fail me:

The Sci Fi channel is going to change it's name to "Syfy"

Because SyFy is less geeky. Ha. The tv network of BattleStar Galactica, ten versions of StarGate and SS Doomtrooper is trying to be less geeky.

But the name is same. It reads the same. This is just one of those dumb alternative spellings, like extreme with an "x" or pluralizing something with a "z" That doesn't make you cool, just sad. You're a cable network that shows science fiction, fantasy and horror. Just run with that. Those genres are popular. Lot's of people love them. That's a certain kind of cool. So stop trying to be cool. Don't be embarrassed of who you are.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Alternative spellings are the bane of my existence. My fingers itch for white-out...or at least a fat red pen, so I can make the corrections. Yeah, I'm neurotic like that...