March 10, 2009

Everybody Beefing

Rush Limbaugh is now getting into it with Newt Gingrich. Not sure who to cheer for in this particular confrontation. But I do like Limbaugh on rampage. There won't be a Republican leader left, after he's finish this ideological thrill-kill spree.

More interesting Meghan McCain, who I've admitted to have some weakness for in the past, launched a full broadside against Ann Coulter. Coulter being evil in high heels, picking a side in this fight comes rather easily.

This is healthy. The GOP is in terrible shape right now. We really do need two real parties, each capable of governing the Country, to make democracy work. The GOP has to work out it's issues if it even wants to get back in power. And that means fights. Lot's of fights. Which have the added bonus of amusing me, so great.

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