March 2, 2009

Master of Loses

Is it strange that knowing that even super-master-grand-supreme investor Warren Buffet has a disastrous 2008 is a great comfort to me? First of all, it means we know he's not cheating, which puts him up on some. Plus, it means I don't suck so bad. My few grand and my semi-well though out investment stratagy did just as bad as the guy who get billions of dollars to invest.

We hear a lot about personal achievement in this Country. Work hard, be smart and riches, or at least comfort will be yours. If you end up poor, well that's just cause your lazy, or dumb, or too dependent on the government.

But if we are all at the mercy at the market, if none of us, even Warren-fricken-Buffet can play this game and come out ahead, maybe its not all about hard work. Maybe it not personal achievement alone. Maybe we need a better system. We need regulation to stop the fraud and crazed bets, and help for the least off, and more powerful unions so workers, not management get a bigger share of the pie.

We need a system where we all don't end up losing.

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