December 30, 2004

One World

Everyone talks about globalization. They protest it, hype it, debate it. The Tsunamis are showing us what globalization is. It means one world. Instant communication - cable TV, the web and so on means everyone knows about it, sees it, feels it, live and in color. It moves people to help. It lets people help with two clicks and a credit card. The institutions that the anti-global protest like the world bank are already putting money in to rebuild. Global tourism means every country in the world has lost people. Globalization means that the countries affected are not alone in this. The whole world is watching and the whole world will help. I don't mean to be pollyanna here, globalization hurts plenty of people, but it will also save a lot of people as well. There are no backwaters any more. Everyplace is as close as the TV or computer so everyplace is a neighbor. And we help our neighbors.

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