December 28, 2004

Trying to Find Good News Edition

Here's a fun headline:

Reelection Honeymoon With Voters Eludes Bush, Polls Say

The case can be made that Bush I was, in fact, worse than Bush II.

Psychics are having themselves a pretty bad year:

According to psychic forecasts made in December, 2003, the next year would bring the discovery of giant animal fossils on Mars, the election of Colin Powell, who would switch parties and trounce George Bush, and the development by Americans of a taste for pressed bricks of dried plankton. The Sun, the tabloid that most heralds the psychics, claimed that its predictions for 2004 were “from the world’s most brilliant psychics and seers.” Among them were twins Terry and Linda Jamison, who vowed that “Saddam Hussein will be killed by U.S. troops early in the year,” and that “Pope John Paul II will pass away in June.”

Finally the amount of spam is down, but you can't tell from my inbox.

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