December 3, 2004

They are Keeping RUMSFELD

There are 15 cabinet members. Nine are gone. Don Rumsfeld is going to stay. I cannot begin to express how profoundly this sucks. This sucks profoundly. I mean, does it even matter what actually has gone on for the last few years? Was I the only one paying attention?


Laura said...

See, maybe it's just me, but I think the massive rearrangement of the cabinet is sort of like rats deserting a sinking ship. Only the stupidest or craziest will stay behind...which, in my opinion, clearly explains why Rumsfeld and Condoleeza are sticking around.

Thor's Blog said...
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Chris said...

Hey Thor,

The reason I compare the Clear Channel-sponsored billboard to communist countries is twofold: (1) The state run media in those countries glorify the leaders (think Mao in China), (2) Clear Channel has been accused of being a toady of the current administration. It's a bit of a streach, but the comparison was meant as a joke anyway.

Do you know of any other U.S. Presidents who have had such advertisements? I'd love to see pictures.