December 31, 2004

Year End Fun

Time for the Year in Review. I'm seeking a little reader feedback. The question is what is the catch phrase of 2004. Michelle Cottle starts us off with:

Top Five Most Ridiculous Additions to the American Lexicon This Year:

1. Wardrobe malfunction
2. Swift Boat Veterans For Truth
3. NASCAR dad
4. Security mom
5. George Tenet, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

I would add:

YYYARRRWWWGGGGLLLEEE (That sound poor Dean made)
Desperate Housewives

So when VH1 is doing "I love the 2000's" shows what will they remember and mock. How are we going to remember 2004. Click on the Comments link at the bottom of this post and put in your two cents. Bonus points if you can come up with a better name for this decade than the 2000's.

1 comment:

Chris said...

People will remember the wool over our eyes.