December 16, 2004


It's a month and a half after election day and we still do not know who is Govenor of Washington State, the Mayor of San Diego or the Montana State House. Check out MyDD for a news round-up.

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jess said...

The SD mayor race is an interesting one. Here's the deal, as currently stands, Donna Frye (bad ass surfer/tree hugger/independent) lost to Dick Murphey (boring old white republican whose run the city into massive debt) by very little. Recently some news organizations filed to see all of the ballots that wrote in her name, but didn't fill in the bubble (i.e., all the people that are a really dumb). If you count those ballots, she wins.
Now, at first I'm thinking, that'll never fly. You have to draw the line somewhere, she's got a snowball's chance in hell on this one. Then, this morning on my way in to work, I heard something very interesting. As the ballots are coming in on election day, if election officials see ballots where the bubble is just checked or x'd, they fill it in for them, actually modify the ballot. Also, if there are extra pen marks around the ballot, they white those out so the machine won't get confused. In other words, only slightly less stupid people are helped along in having their vote counted.
So, where's the line? How dumb and incapable of following directions do you have to be for your vote to not count?
More to come, I'm sure.