December 28, 2004

Time to Face the Horror

The death toll from the Indian Ocean Earthquake just keeps going up. Latest figures put the total at over 58,000, which makes 9/11 look like children fighting in a sandbox. Tragedy like this is enough to start someone questioning God.

There seems to be a little spat going on about the level of generosity of the United States. Everyone has stats on their side. In terms of absolute numbers the US gives more than anybody, however if you calculate the amount per capita or per GDP then...not so generous. Let's put it this way, US initial pledge of aid 15 million. Cost of Bush inauguration 30-40 million. We are going to give more, but come on.

I really total have to back up Slate's Surfer Girl that CNN is the place to go to get real news on the quake. They have real reporter who live in the area and know what the hell they are talking about. They by far have the best real stuff to B.S. ratio of any cable network.

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Chris said...

I think that it would be an amazing act of Christian generosity if President Bush would forego the pageantry in his second inauguration, and simply give all of the earmarked money to help aid efforts in the countries affected by the tsunamis and the earthquake.