December 1, 2004

U2 Beat Eminem

I would just like to take this oppertunity to mock Craigorian Chant SoCal Reporter Tyler with the news that U2's new album has knocked Eminem out of the top spot of the album charts. Ha Ha.


Tyler said...

Yeah, but it still sucks

When was the last time they put out something worth a damn? It used to be about the music. They've lost their way.

Remember Eminem is a rap artist. No rapper has ever sold albums like him. Rap has far less of an appeal than U2's genre of music is suppose to have. "How to Dismantel and Atomic Bomb" kind of put me to sleep when I listened to it (and thats not good when your driving!). They should retire and stick to what they (Bono) do best: Activism.

You shouldn't brag too much. Its just one crappy album outselling another crappy album!

The Craig said...

If you want to toss online reviews around here -
Rolling Stone love "Bomb." They liked your rap guy too.