April 12, 2005

Links and things

Stealing the best stuff from around the web.

Chris has found some shelter from the (religious conservative) storm.

Craigorian Chant still not found on David Horowitz's enemies list. Will redouble efforts.

American health care system does, in fact, suck. Relatively.

The only thing you need to read about the Royal Wedding also contains this priceless bit:

By contrast, the U.S. presidency is an ego-inflating machine. The president moves in a vast imperial cocoon, unsurpassed in grandeur since the pharaohs. It would take a level of humility incompatible with running for public office in the first place for a president not to think, "Hey, I'm a pretty cool guy." Every time George W. Bush hears "Hail to the Chief," the odds go up that some unsuspecting country is going to find itself getting violently democratized.

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