April 3, 2005


The Italian word for possible papal candidates. The guessing game on who will be the next Pope is on in earnest. Here's what I want in a Pope, not that anyone is asking. I would want someone who would continue John Paul II outreach to other religions and international travel while easing up on the social issues, particularly women in the clergy and contraception. I don't get worked up over the Church being Pro-Life mainly because the Pope can't outlaw abortion and I have no problem with the Pope using moral persuading to reduce the number of abortions. But for the Catholic Church to make a sin of contraception in the age of AIDS and a growing church in the 3rd World is criminal. Female Priests is a fairly "duh" move for woman's equality and could go a long way to addressing the shortage of Priests that the Church faces. If any of the Cardinals call me up and ask my opinion, that's what I'll tell them. I'll be waiting by my phone.

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