April 3, 2005

My People are Cool

Don't believe me? Read all about. Claire and Mark are some of the coolest people I know and I know a lot of cool people. Read all about their wine. If we raise their profile some more they should be able to raise their prices.

Also here's my Mother, without whom I would be nothing, getting some media attention for her latest building. Hi Mom!


mr. quinn said...

hey craig. is that claire murphy that went to high school with youall. and me for a little bit? ive been out of the loop, you know.

Chris said...

Hey Ryan,

Yes Claire Murphy, teenage heartthrob, is the now Claire McKenna, cultivated wine merchant.

I had the pleasure of going out to their operation in Ione two summers ago and sampling some of their wine. It's delicious and obviously a labor of love. This past summer I hand imported a bottle of Bordeaux (that was given to me my French girlfriend's father) hoping to trade for a bottle on Chein Noir -- it's that good.

I wonder if they can ship internationally.