April 25, 2005


San Diego Mayor Resigns - Lasted just months after beating write-in candidate.

Howard Dean: Man of the People.

James Wolcott: Mozart of the ripping Blog Post.

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jess said...

You mean "beat" the write-in candidate. The write-in, the ass-kicking donna frye, got more votes, but bunches were disqualified because the bubble wasn't filled in correctly.

It all seems very unclear what happens next. I've heard rumblings that city council may be able to appoint someone, but apparently there are conflicting laws over whether that's legal. There may be a special election in november. Heard this morning that donna frye will run. Also, ron roberts, who got third in november (and might I add, has run unsuccessfully for mayor MANY MANY times. NPR also reported former city councilman/current assemblyman juan vargas as well as former mayor/gov pete wilson may run as well.

As an extra juicy tidbit, there's a decent chance that the deputy mayor will become the acting mayor, at least for awhile. That would be Michael Zucchet. He's currently under indictment for fraud, extortion, and racketeering. Yes, it gets better. He's accused of taking money and "favors" from the owner of cheetah's (yes, a strip club) in return for trying to repeal the local "no touch" rule for lap dances. Does it get any better than that?