April 28, 2005


Bush and the GOP in Congress have been taking some hits lately. They seem to be losing some fights and then losing it in general:

Republicans are just going insane with frustration these days. If they're mad because their candidates are being filibustered, they threaten to change the filibuster rule by fiat. If they don't like what the courts are doing, they threaten to defund the courts. If their candidate for UN ambassador is likely to get voted down in committee, they plan to report him out anyway. If they don't like your amendments to their pet bill, they unilaterally rewrite them in a display of juvenile pique.

Bush's rating are going down. Ezra Klein is saying that W part 2 is a lot like Clinton part 1. Failed major policies, appointment trouble and so on. The GOP took control of the Congress in the middle of Clinton's rocky 1st term and haven't given it back yet. Let's hope this story repeats itself. Bush's attempt to take back the momentum will be found tonight in a prime time press conference.

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