May 1, 2005


Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. Was a little busy Enthralling the city of Redding with our riverfront design concept plan. Read all about it here:

Student project enthralls:
Residents cheer ideas to recast Park Marina

Where there is asphalt and Aqua Golf, Redding residents had little trouble Saturday envisioning kayak launchings, waterfront dining and a children's carousel along Park Marina Drive.

About 70 people gathered at the Shasta County Administration Center in downtown Redding to hear a presentation by six Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo graduate students tasked with rethinking development along a narrow, 27-acre strip of riverside property and roadway.

For the most part, residents embraced the idea of making Park Marina Drive a bustling destination spot, as opposed to the speedy byway along prime river real estate it is now.

"I'm so excited I could drop dead right now," Penguin Paddlers owner Garth Schmeck told the presenters.

We really are that good. Regular Posting to resume Monday.

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