May 19, 2005

Red Mennace?

This is a little strange, but it does explain why Calaveras high school's football team continually beats Amador's football team year in and year out.

Although the Yankees seem to do ok with blue, white and gray.

And lets see....The Steelers, Notre Dame football, the Lakers, Celtics, Cowboys, UCLA basketball, Green Bay Packers, and the Cleveland Browns have all at some point been a dynasty and there's no red in their uniforms. Perhaps its a better predictor of individual rather than team success.

Upon further investigation, however, 7 or 8 (can't be completely certain) of Sport's Illustrated's "Top 20 Dynasties of the 20th Century " wore at least some red when they competed (Russian pairs skaters most likely did not wear red when they skated, but the USSR and Russian flags have red on them and Edmonton's uniform's look more orange...but close enough). So out of all the possible colors, at least a third of the best sport teams/institutions/countries of last century had some chroma of red on their uniform. I'd say thats significant.

Just something to keep in mind someday if you have kids and find yourself in charge of picking out the team's soccer uniforms.

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