May 5, 2005

The New Times

I really haven't taken the time to tell everyone what a great publication the SLO New Times is. Movie reviews, find out who's playing at the Frog and Peach and more, and it's all free. Really a great service to the community. There's a new edition out today. Available at finer newsstands across the area. Might I suggest you check out the amazing insights being offered in the opinion section. That's page 15. Really one of the great minds of his generation there. Better get two copies.

If anybody reads the column and has an opinion, put it in comments at the end of this post or drop me a line on e-mail.

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Anonymous said...

How close do you think the vote would have been if the County Board of Supervisors would have unequivocally stated that they would respect the wishes of the community and not entertain a land use change in the County from Agriculture to Commercial. I see part of the problem in your article's solution by the characterization of the property as an "empty field". You talk about "people willing to give up something so we can can all come out ahead", but you don't say what we're going to give up- maybe you don't know, and don't tell us how we are going come out ahead by doing something that you don't really say what it should be.