May 9, 2005

Red Bush

There are times when I wish I was a conservative. Then I could do a little red-baiting:

In a once-unthinkable setting for a U.S. leader, President Bush took a place of honor on Red Square amid symbols of Soviet power Monday and saluted the greatest military victory of an empire formerly regarded as America's most-threatening enemy.
Bush watched goose-stepping soldiers and flags emblazoned with the Soviet hammer and sickle that recalled the days of communist rule. He sat beside Putin on a reviewing stand next to Lenin's tomb.

Think of the fun I could have. Why our President is in bed with the Communists! He's selling out the County! I am shocked! Shocked!

Like I said, it would be fun.

1 comment:

BirkenPlanner said...

No worries craigman, the guy goes to bed at 9 pm every night, very little time for KGB mind manipulation, if that is possible anyways. The only option they would have is to slip some dioxin in his kool aid like they did our poor friend Yushchenko from the Ukraine. The humanity craigman. That would leave everything up to the king of pacemakers and the first librarian to defend our country, oh wait thats how it is right now.

Whatever Im still banking on a triumphant Cameron Diaz, the new voice of the Democrats, over Miss Condoleeza Rice in 2008. All of our problems will float away on an around the world, NRDC sponsored, MTV filmed environmental miniseries.