May 18, 2005

Hump Day

How is everybody? Working hard? You know I am.

Filibuster fight is off to a promising start.

Really good piece on Faith and Politics:

As a bonus, says Thomas, opposing abortion and gay marriage generally has more to do with changing someone else's behavior than one's own. He points out that, as far as the decline of American culture goes, Christians are just as guilty as non-Christians when it comes to high divorce rates, out-of-wedlock sex, and rampant materialism. (Supporting data for this and similar trends can be found in Sider's book The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience.) But addressing this embarrassing reality would involve too much self-scrutiny, says Thomas. "People would much rather watch a video of someone else exercising than go to the gym and do the sweating themselves," he quips.

Go meet the new Mayor of LA.

Ok, everybody back to work.


jess said...

on the california city politics front, san diego continues to crash and burn. Our DA has filed charges against 6 current and former pension board members for violation of conflict of interest laws.
We have two for sure candidates for mayor (council-woman donna frye and former police chief Jerry Sanders).
And the trial of two of our council men continues.
On a more positive front, the council did defeat a proposal to give themselves a 7% raise.

chiennoir said...

For all you Amador County politics fans out there - I just returned from the second county wide "planning summit" meeting and it was outstanding. Sponsered by ACTC (possibly the most effective legislative body in the county right now), representatives from over twenty community and government entities were there to share views, challanges, and solutions. Its hard to say what the tangible outcomes will be, but, just the effort made by people to see old as well as upcoming problems in new light and from different perspectives was great. Gives one hope that AC may not, after all, turn into El Dorado Hills.